Veg box scheme

If you’re a Food Coop member, you can pre-order a weekly veg box full of delicious fresh and organic produce!

How does it work?
One week, when you come by our stall and say hi, you can pre-order a small (5 pounds) or a big (10 pounds) veg box, pay in advance and pick it up next week.

What will I get?
Anything from potatoes, onion, apples, through leeks, beetroot to chillies, broccoli or tomatoes! A standard box contains approximately 8 – 10 varieties of produce, both fruit and veg. If you choose the big one, you can also ‘customize’ your order by telling us what you really, really don’t like.

veg box
Where does the veg come from?

Our veg boxes come from Down to Earth, a lovely organic shop just in Earlsdon, Coventry which attempts to source most of their veg locally, with some exceptions (eg. if you want to have your tomatoes all year round, it is better for the environment to get them from Southern Europe rather than to grow them in glasshouses over here.) You can find more info on their website.


2 thoughts on “Veg box scheme

  1. This looks great – we are from the University of Leicester Students Union and would like to set up something similar. Any chance we could swing by at some point to see how you guys do it and make such a success πŸ™‚

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