Exciting food events!

January does not usually belong to months when we celebrate food, bumper harvests or delicious recipes. Christmas indulgence is almost forgotten and there is 3still  long time to go for the first spring harvests. But coincidentally, this week University of Warwick (and us, shamelessly sayin!) hosts a number of truly exciting talks, panels and food celebrations!

Starting on Wednesday, One World Week, an annual student event, is hosting a forum on the Future of Food. It centres around the issue of feeding 9 billion people, looking at it from the different perspectives of individual agents in food system, such as retailing or farmers so lets hope the main narrative ‘we need to produce more’ and there will be place for some organic and sustainable debate. Chances of this happening increase substantially because our own infamous Chris Maughan is going to be on the panel! So get thinking, 28th January @ 18:00 in MS.02 (Maths and Stats building).

Next day on Thursday – no chance to take a breath! – Food Coop and Warwick Allotment organize a talk as a part of the Warwick Hub Series with a bit mysterious name, A Triumphant Calamity’?: The Ethics of the Global Trade in Food. Look forwards to the highest class of home-grown academics, including Ben Richardson and Matthew Watson and again, our food coop grown Hannah Wheatley who will share her insides into the social impacts of corporate control of seeds! 29th January @5pm, S0.18, Social Sciences.

And last but not least, Food Coop is 2 years old! Already! So join us for some home-made cider, Friday 30th, from 7pm in Grad Deck (on the way to Lakeside).

And if you cannot make it physically to any of these events, fear thy not. For some extra portion of mind-boggling ideas about our food system, alternatively take a bite of the Edible Education course, videotaped lecture series at the University of Berkley, ingredients including Michael Pollan, Raj Patel or Paul Rozin. Bon appetit!


Happy New Coop Year!

New year, new order in (almost full stock!) but the same awesome Coop plus now we are also trialing Thursday afternoons, so come to say hi from 12 – 3pm on the usual spot. So we also very warmly welcome more volunteers – join our Facebook group for a once a term, once a month, once a week? quality time on the stall!

Since Week 2, you can pick up your bread and veg boxes as usual. One little change there is – don’t forget to really bring your own containers (bags, glasses, lunchboxes…) because otherwise in the name of the environmental sustainability, Coop now charges symbolic 5p per plastic bag for your weekly portions of any produce by weight.