Race Against Waste

Edd Colbert, the former campaign coordinator for The Pig Idea, has recently launched a new campaign to highlight the nutritional value of food that is thrown away across the world. To do so he is training for the Leeds Half Marathon and will be fuelling himself completely on food that would have otherwise been wasted.
Whether he’s out bin-diving or setting up relationships with local grocers to collect their surplus food in Leeds, he’ll be documenting his movements on Facebook and Twitter with photo and video updates.
The race doesn’t stop there though! Edd is looking for more runners to get involved to help fight food waste and fundraise for various food waste initiatives around the country. If you fancy living off food waste and getting fit at the same time then drop him an email at edd.colbert@gmail.com.
Edd is also fundraising for The Real Junk Food Project in Leeds and you can sponsor him via the Project’s Indiegogo campaign here. Simply donate and leave a comment saying “I’m giving food waste a run for its money!”