Do YOU Disco Soup?!


Here’s a little post with loads of links and info about Disco Souping.

After Tristram’s talk (have you seen his TED talk yet?!) there has been lots of enthusiasm for organising a Disco Soup event on campus. Here is an interesting article about it and here’s the facebook page of Disco Soupe (for the French speaking amongst you).

The Allotment Society and the MSc Food Security students are very interested in contributing to this so shall we organise a meeting at the begining of term 2 to find out who wants to get involved and sort out times and places? (one suggestion was to do a Disco Soup (or any other food) for Go Green Week 2014)

Any suggestions for a meeting time and place are welcome, please post comments and ideas!

Enjoy your Christmas break, see you again in 2014!


ps: and for those interested in gleaning, here is the link to the UK Gleaning Network and here’s an interesting blog about gleaning in the US !