The madness of our food supply chain

The madness of our food supply chain

It was great seeing so many people at the social on Friday, and loads of new faces too! Excellent!
As promised, I said I’d try to post some stuff on the blog, don’t expect too many jokes (everyone knows French humour is rubbish!) but I’ll share with you some things I read and think will interest you. Here’s one: this diagram from Global Canopy’s new book “The Little Book of Big Deforestation Drivers” (you can find a better quality image on page 32).
It is really interesting to look at the complexity of the transport network and although there are no flights (big GHG emitter) and lots of ships (low GHG emitter) the impact of transport must be considerable.
Note also that beef (top right) includes deforestation for the creation of grazing area for cows AND also soya production (top left) to feed the cows.
All this and more are great arguments to eat (more) local, less (or no) meat, and care more for the environment and the people that are affected by this crazy food system.
Great reason to get envolved with the Food Co-op too!
And today is Tuesday, our favourite day of the week!


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