Organic agriculture in Bhutan

Organic agriculture in Bhutan

Here’s an inspirational article on Bhutan from the Guardian. Can it really become a wholly organic country, or will the effects of climate change limit this opportunity?


One thought on “Organic agriculture in Bhutan

  1. Hi!
    The article is very interesting indeed but I do not think that “the effect of climate change [will/might] limit this opportunity”.
    It is actually the contrary. Conventional agriculture – by focusing excessively on yield at the expense of the adaptability and relisience of plants – means that plants might produce more under certain conditions, but their yield will decrease hugely if conditions vary due to climate change or other factors.
    Bhutan has a gold opportunity to show the rest of the world that making your food system so exposed and depended on world food trade is not sustainable. Bhutan is slowly promoting food security and food sovereignty to be able to feed its population whilst safegarding the environment. We hope we’ll learn the lesson…

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