Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes


In celebration of the first ever fully functioning day of the Warwick Uni Food Co-Op today try these Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, so called because the cake batter is so easy it’s like making a hot chocolate, and the icing has a delicous chilli kick.

For The Cakes:
390g plain white flour,
400g dark soft brown sugar,
120g cocoa powder,
2 tsp baking soda,
2 cups/ 500ml soya milk,
3/4 cup/ 190ml vegetable oil/ melted soy butter,
2 tbsp cider vinegar.

For The Icing:
140g soy butter,
280g icing sugar,
2tbsp cocoa powder,
1 tsp cinnamon,
1tsp chilli powder,
50g melted chocolate.

1. Mix all the dry cake ingredients together until they are even, then add the wet ingredients and mix to form a smooth batter.

2. Spoon the batter into cupcake cases and bake at 180°C / Gas Mark 4 for 10-15 minutes, or until a knife comes out clean when you stick it in the middle. Take out of their tins and leave to cool.

3. To make the icing, mix the soy butter, icing sugar and icing sugar until smooth. Then add the other ingredients and mix until they are all evenly incorporated. Pipe/ splodge onto your cooled cakes and enjoy.


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